Hey! I have a disc copy of the Sims 2 also and I was just wondering how did you go about getting the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection? (if you don't mind me asking)


Hi, No of course I do not mind you asking :D

I contacted EA live chat and spoke to a Customer service advisor. I told them that I had bought all of my Sims 2 games as physical copies and would it be possible to have the The Sims 2 bundle. They said yes and popped it into my games Library. So go and get it! xx


For the people who followed Skyra


ohmygreenplumblobs has started writing again but, obviously, a lot of you have literally no clue what the fuck is going on since she’s starting back up from things that have happened recently. So I figured I’d provide you all with a crash course update of what has happened since her last update. Sorry if it gets long.

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